Mural painting

So at the end of this week I start another mural project.

Our team of 3 will be painting a mural on 32 square mtrs of wall for the West End St Art Festival or WESAF.

The actual festival day is Sunday the 22nd of October. It’s going to be a BIG day.

We will be painting all next week to have our mural finished for the festival. Our main theme is the ocean. Being passionate about the beauty of the oceans and all the amazing creatures that inhabit them is our inspiration. As well as beatifying our urban environment with art!

If you are in West End next week come and visit us while we paint. We are in the Archive carpark in Russell St.

And of course come to the festival – you don’t want to miss it – live art, lots of artisan stalls, live music and yummy food. Russell St, West End, Brisbane.

Michelle Bowden.


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