:the mezzanine: gallery space

Just last night we had the first exhibition in :the mezzanine: This beautiful gallery space is in the Old Butter Factory at Dayboro. Dayboro is a quaint country town less then an hour out of Brisbane.

:the mezzanine: is located above Entangle – Living Art

I’ve exhibited in many spaces and galleries and I’d have to say this is one of the most special. The exhibition was called “Elemental” and I had the pleasure of curating the exhibition as well as participating as an artist.

My good friends Nola and David must be thanked and commended on providing this opportunity for artists. Nola herself is a talented artist and has been inspired by the space producing some amazing pieces for the “Elemental” exhibition.

The great news is that this will be a monthly event.

The “Elemental” artists: Michelle Bowden, Nola Atkins, Michael Cheshire, Terina Smith, Chrissy Milton and Grace Cross (not pictured)





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