Gallery director and Artist

I have my own gallery and studio complex.  It is a beautiful place.  We have regular exhibitions and over the last couple of years I have met so many amazing and talented people.  The fact that I am amongst art all day is invaluable or is it?

Unfortunately artists are not the most wealthy of individuals.  The concept for the space was to charge a hang fee to each artist to participate in the exhibitions.  This ensures we have some money coming in.  Some artists understand and accept this and others don’t.

When we have exhibitions the artists drop the art off and we curate and hang the show.  Then we do all the preparation for opening night – food, music, drinks. The artists just have to turn up on opening night and enjoy themselves.

I love my job and my space but for how much longer? Our lease is up for renewal soon and I have the uneasy feeling that the rent will be going up and unfortunately we can’t afford an increase.

I’ll put it out to the universe:   I need an angel to come along and help me.  We need a space that is really cheap and big to fit our studios in. See the thing is artists don’t make a lot of money but we still need spaces for our work.

So any angels out there? 

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