Art today

Since last I blogged I have created yet more pieces of art.  My studio is getting so full that I can hardly use it!

I have my art hanging on the walls of my house and leaning on the walls in my hallway. I am soon going to have to move into the garden.

In this time I have also sold art but the rate of creation and the rate of sales are extremely mismatched.  That is probably because I spend more time doing one than the other.  I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that you should spend 60% of your time marketing and 40% of your time creating. But my creative soul won’t listen.

I have an ideas notepad and an ideas pinterest page that can supply years of creative work.  I love going through the ideas and picking one and working my way through it. Unfortunately the marketing side of things is not as inspiring.

When I do knuckle down and do some promoting and marketing I always get results.   So I suppose that’s the answer.  I’ll have to do it soon as I love my house and want to live in it not just leave it for my art.



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