A time of giving.

Its nearly that time of year when we give each other gifts.  Some go shopping, some start creating and cooking but we all seem to get filled with a spirit of giving.

I recently had a bit of a spring clean of my studio and found lots of lovely small paintings and thought to myself “Why are you all being hidden from the world?”.  Here I was with ample presents of creativity.

As an artist you can sometimes forget that you have all these beautiful items that others would covet.  I would suggest we artists give our own work to the ones we love as after all each work of art has a little of your soul in it.  What better gift to show you care.

But the best news is that I still have a few pieces that I would love to give away to someone out there who is reading this blog. Or if you know someone you would like me to send a gift to.  So let me know.  I have limited pieces and they may not reach you by Christmas but they are still a gift.

All you have to do is like this post and follow or start following this blog and you will get a piece of art from me.  

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